• Custom Project: Afton Blu Front Desk

    When we first launched our business, Ali's hairdresser asked us if we could build the front desk for the new salon she was building. We were so excited about the opportunity and of course said yes! 
  • Custom Project: Gerdeman Bar

    Did you know that Derek built a bar for our wedding? This bar is where the bartenders served drinks at our wedding reception and now it has a home in the basement of our first house! 
  • Custom Project: Gerdeman Buffet Table

    We had so much fun building this buffet table for Derek's parents. They were looking for something with a modern farmhouse feel that complemented their white oak dining room table.
  • Custom Project: The Mansfield Bar Cart

    Before we started Derek James Woodworking, Derek would build pieces for our family and friends. It's not uncommon for someone to see a piece we have built and request their own piece. That is exactly what happened with this project - our clients saw a rustic bar cart we built (to be featured in a later blog post) and requested one of their own.