Custom Project: Afton Blu Front Desk

When we first launched our business, Ali's hairdresser asked us if we could build the front desk for the new salon she was building. We were so excited about the opportunity and of course said yes! 
Afton Blu front reception desk
Tina, the salon owner, asked us to create a piece that would make a statement when her clients walk in the front door. She mentioned that she liked chevron and wanted some sort of pattern on the front. We came up with this unique pattern utilizing strips of ash and white oak.
Afton Blu front reception desk
She asked for a desk that was bar height for the customer, but then was normal desk height on the back side for the receptionist. We made the tops for both parts out of solid ash.
Afton Blu front reception desk 
To make the wood pop and tie into the salon's modern aesthetic, we painted the base of the desk black. 
Afton Blu front reception desk
For contrast, we added gold handles on the drawers. The gold definitely adds an elegant touch.
Afton Blue front reception desk
A couple of unique features that Tina requested were (1) cubbies for the stylists to keep their phones, business cards, and other items; (2) a desk pullout in case two people need to work at once; and (3) built-in outlets. 
Afton blue front reception desk
If we do say so ourselves, the desk turned out quite well. And if you're looking for a new salon in the central Ohio area - check out Afton Blu! 
Afton Blue reception desk and coffee mug
Finishes used: SW Tricorn Black Paint; Satin Clear Coat