• Custom Project: Gerdeman Buffet Table

    We had so much fun building this buffet table for Derek's parents. They were looking for something with a modern farmhouse feel that complemented their white oak dining room table.
  • Custom Project: The Mansfield Bar Cart

    Before we started Derek James Woodworking, Derek would build pieces for our family and friends. It's not uncommon for someone to see a piece we have built and request their own piece. That is exactly what happened with this project - our clients saw a rustic bar cart we built (to be featured in a later blog post) and requested one of their own. 
  • Custom Project: Gerdeman Coffee Bar & Pantry

    When we bought our house last year, there were a few things that we were struggling with in our kitchen.

    1. We needed a spot for our coffee makers.
    2. We needed more storage for food because there was no pantry. 
    3. We needed a spot for a large kitchen trash can. 

    So we decided rather quickly that we wanted to add a coffee bar and pantry on a blank wall in our kitchen that was just wasted space! 

  • Board Care 101

    Have you been wondering how to best take care of your cutting board or charcuterie board? Well we are here to help!
  • Custom Project: Hickory Headboard

    We love creating custom pieces for your home! Derek got the opportunity to build this king-sized hickory headboard for a couple of homeowners.
  • Join us on our journey!

    Hi! We are Ali and Derek. A couple of years ago, we were set up by a mutual friend, and now, as newlyweds, we decided to start a business together....