Custom Project: Reed Bonus Room

Recently, we got the opportunity to do a built in for a family in their upstairs bonus room. They have two young granddaughters and wanted a place for them to sleep and play when they came over. 
We started with a blank slate. The only thing in the room was a large window and some carpet.
Reed bonus room before picture
Our client had a few requests for the space: (1) closed storage cabinets, (2) floating shelves, and (3) a trundle bed underneath the window.
Reed bonus room built in after
The closed cabinets on both sides are perfect for hiding toys, games, and anything else you might need for entertaining grandkids. There is even an outlet in one of the cabinets and a cord cover in the wooden cabinet top for easy access.
Reed bonus room trundle bed
The daybed under the window provides a cozy spot to read books with the grandkids, plus is the perfect spot for nap time. Need more space? Pull out the trundle drawer underneath for more sleeping space (the mattress hadn't arrived at the time of photos). 
Reed bonus room after photo
The floating shelves are the perfect spot to display family photos, kids' artwork, and other items. 
All of the cabinets and shelves are painted in a pure white. 
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