Custom Project: Gagle Live Edge Bench

We had a client reach out looking for someone who could make a few custom pieces with wood that they already had. They had to cut down some trees when they built their new house and had them milled into lumber and live edge pieces. We ended up building five pieces for them out of the lumber (with some lumber to spare) but today we are only highlighting the live edge bench! 
Live edge oak bench
We used two live edge pieces of oak - one for the back and one for the seat. 
Live edge custom oak bench
We filled the large knots with black epoxy to make it look finished. Plus, this will prevent dust from getting trapped in those hard to reach places!
Live edge custom oak bench
Our client did not want the piece to look too rustic, but rather goes for a more coastal vibe. The X base was actually something that she proposed and we love how it turned out!
Live edge oak custom bench
We attached the back with black metal brackets. And we finished off the piece with a satin clear coat, which really lets the character of the wood shine.
This bench not only looks great, but is also comfortable to sit on! (Trust us - both Derek & Ali sat on it to make sure.) 
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